NdFeB sintered Neodymium magnets has the
characteristics of high remanence, high coercive force, and high magnetic energy. It can be easily machined into various
shapes and sizes accordingly to specific design. It is widely used in electric car motors, smart phones, consumer electronic appliances, wind power, medical instruments and etc.

Onemag started the production of eodymium magnets in 2006, with the production capacity of 200 tons/month. All
manufacturing process of neodymium magnets, including surface treatment are completed in Onemag Anhui factory,
which ensures the strict control of quality, cost and delivery.Onemag focus on permanent magnet motors, consumer
electronic appliances and audio industries.

Onemag expands rapidly in the wet pressed segment ferrite magnet market,
which our customers are from various industries such as automotive, home
appliances, fitness equipment, powertools and etc, in domestic and oversea markets as well. Onemag works closely with main stream customers to gain the biggest market share in very short period of time, and this supported by a strong technical team, who have more than 13 years experience in wet
pressed segment ferrite magnet industry.

In order to maintain the competancy of Onemag in the ferrite magnet
industry, all manufacturing machineries acquired from the top tier supplier,
are the BEST comparatively to our competitors, in terms of stability,
repeatability, efficiency and technology.